Champions Online holds a player Q&A session about serials, archery, and more


It’s been a relatively busy period over in the world of Champions Online, with the game’s first serial story, revamps to the archery powerset, and updates for Therakiel’s Lair and Eidolon. As one might expect, there are some player questions that have come up after all of these updates, and the devs at Cryptic recently held a Q&A to take in some of those questions.

The Q&A didn’t have too many bean drops according to one Redditor’s post, but the stream did confirm that the devs would like to do more serial stories in the future, would like to focus on revamping the celestial powerset next, and are evidently working on a staff fighting powerset with some half-finished animations already done. The stream also confirmed the Lemurian Invasion will return as an event, and the devs may make the post-Therakiel’s Temple Vibora content available after players have completed the associated alerts and rampage. The entire stream can be watched below.

sources: Twitch, Reddit

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Bruno Brito

Making due with what you have.

I feel for CO players, honestly.


So, they interviewed the ONE Dev left working on Champions Online…vive la maintenance mode…