Genshin Impact adds a new island area and hits the Epic Games Store on June 9


This coming Sunday, June 9th, will see players of Genshin Impact hit the waves to take on a threat to Klee’s stuffed animal charm. There’s also probably some other wider dangers, too, but the upcoming Midsummer Island Adventure update is effectively kicked off by that threat.

In this next version update, players will be able to take command of the Waverider boat and set sail to answer the challenge of the Dodo-King and find the mysterious Dodoland archipelago. A variety of challenges await players, including a fight against a dual element-wielding Maguu Kenki boss among other things. Taking on the area’s challenges rewards currencies that can be used to purchase resources and bring the new Dodoco Tales catalyst weapon to full refinement.

The update also adds the Anemo-wielding Kazuha, a swordsman from the region of Inazuma that can use his elemental powers to control the battlefield and buff his teammates. The new character’s arrival also heralds an Archon Quest, where Kazuha will offer some clues about the still-locked region of Inazuma.

There are a few other little additions to the update like summertime outfits for Jean and Barbara, which can be purchased from the game shop and earned by collecting conch shells on the archipelago respectively, and the ability for roster characters to stay at player houses and earn Companion XP.

Finally, if you really needed another way to play the game, it’s launching on the Epic Games Store June 9th.

“Global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo announced today that its popular open-world action RPG title, Genshin Impact, will be arriving on the Epic Games Store on June 9, 2021. Players on Epic will soon be able to jump into the vast magical world of Teyvat and adventure together with players across PlayStation┬«5, PlayStation┬«4, PC, Android, and iOS.”

source: press release
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