Old School RuneScape proposes ranged meta changes and delays its next update as RuneScape unveils a new Yak Track


It’s yet another loaded week of news for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We’ll start with OSRS’ proposal for ranged weapon meta changes, which feature a heavy focus on several adjustments to the Toxic Blowpipe and several varieties of darts, as well as the Crystal Bow, the Bow of Faerdhinen, and a number of crossbow weapons.

In other OSRS news, Jagex announced that this week’s patch is going to be a day late, arriving on Thursday, June 3rd, in order to take some extra time to get the new Theatre of Blood modes ready to go. On the subject of game updates, Wednesday, June 9th, will not see a game update as the devs work on A Kingdom Divided, which will arrive the following week on June 16th. The post otherwise talks about the recently released clans feature, some music player changes, and the finalists for the latest login screen contest.

As for RuneScape, the game’s weekly update post offers a look at the latest Yak Track offerings including some new armor sets and a new pet, talks up the second week of the Battle of the Monolith, and confirms the end of closed beta testing for the mobile edition. Incidentally, make sure you check out our interview with Jagex all about RuneScape Mobile.

sources: OSRS website (1, 2), RuneScape website

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