The Division 2 puts a rerun of its third season back into rotation


Seasonal content is fun and all, but it does run into the small problem of being somewhat less fun when you miss out on the season and have to live without getting all of the fun perks and rewards associated with it. If you’re in precisely that situation with The Division 2, you’ll be happy to know that the new Season 6 event is a rerun of the third season of regular content, complete with another chance to earn the Shrapnel Trap skill variant.

Of course, if you already have the skill variant, you’ll have to just content yourself with another chance to go through the content just the same, completed with doubled experience up to level 15 and associated new global events to earn stars. So there’s still some fun stuff to do there even if you completed this particular seasonal event the first time around. Grab stars, hunt your nemesis, and earn rewards. If that seems a bit thin, let’s not forget that there’s a lot in the works for this particular franchise.

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