Craftopia updates its roadmap with plans for level cap increases, pet systems, creative mode, and guns


Yes, you read that right.¬†Craftopia has big plans on its roadmap, and its next update planned on June 23rd is adding fun stuff like a pet system, a new map, a first increase to the game’s level cap, and quests offering experience. Moving past that, however, the update coming in either August or September is expected to further improve the game by adding a slate of three new weapons: magical staves, katanas, and the ever-popular¬†guns. Guns are excellent for crafting.

All joking aside, the latest dispatch from the development team is all about how the game’s roadmap has been going well and the latest raft of updates is expanding upon the overall goals for the game’s evolution and improvement. And that’s not all that’s on the update, which includes a creative mode to just play about with the game’s systems, new bosses, and new character customization. Check out the full rundown for a peek at the roadmap so far and how things are going.

Source: Steam
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