Elite Dangerous Odyssey’s second fix-filled update addresses UI issues, occlusion culling, and more


Another fix-loaded update for Elite: Dangerous has been released today, tackling another round of game-wide fixes primarily for Odyssey but also with some adjustments to Horizons.

The update touches on a wide variety of portions of the game once more, whether it’s rendering, lighting and visual effects, and sound among others. Some of the larger standout sections are in the optimizations area, where the notes point to optimizations for characters and improved occlusion culling and interior culling, meaning on-foot locations should ideally no longer be trying to render things that aren’t seen by players and should yield better performance overall.

Another more exhaustive section of the update notes is focused on the UI, with fixes for issues like incorrect stat displays for the loadout UI, the ability to restock supplies from the boarding UI, a visual indicator for illegal missions, and several improvements for a broad variety of map UI functions. As with the last update patch, this list looks pretty extensive.


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Ken from Chicago

If only they had just waited before releasing … or … honest that about it needed repair before release maybe their fans wouldn’t be nearly as furious.


That an “extensive” patch like this comes out what, not even 2 weeks after release, would suggest that many of these issues were
a) known
b) being fixed, but not in time
…at launch.

That doesn’t make the situation better.

Vanquesse V

For pretty much all games it’s a fact that QA and people working on gameplay, balance and engine are even more aware of how broken a game is compared to someone who just buys and plays the game. The state of Odyssey is such that even people outside of those departments can’t have missed the state of the game. I don’t think a single employee of Frontier thought it was a good idea to launch when they did.
Does this make it any better for the consumer? No, not at all, but it should be a very obvious hint to not harass people for whom this decision was way above their pay-grade.


Someone at Frontier certainly thought it was a good idea, or there wouldn’t have been a launch. Since devs can’t be too happy about it and this launch also doesn’t look well on the resume of the QA department. My guess is that Braben himself and the higher ups on finance and marketing made the ultimate decision.