EVE Echoes’ Exploration update launches tomorrow with new CONCORD pass after a slight COVID delay


EVE Echoes has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Exploration Update is big and still coming. The bad news here is that the patch was delayed from its launch yesterday to Friday thanks to the pandemic that continues to wreak havoc around the world.

“Due to the impact of the epidemic in the city where we work, the dev team will receive nucleic acid testing & work from home,” the team said. “We know all of you (and us) have been extremely excited about the upcoming Exploration update. Unfortunately, due to the increasing lockdown in our area and its effect on development, we had to delay the Exploration update. We will keep everyone updated as we receive new information about the lockdown situation and appreciate everyone’s continued patience and support!”

Notably, the Exploration update introduces the Neutrino Resonance Wave space exploration tech, the Nihilus Space exploration map, a new Nanocore module type, and two new jobs: Deadspace Module Reverse Engineering and Nanocore Reverse Engineering. CCP and Netease are also rolling out what looks like a season pass dubbed the CONCORD pass.

“CONCORD has made the CONCORD Pass available to Capsuleers which will enable research and testing data sharing between both parties. CONCORD will offer corresponding rewards and entitlements. This Pass is still on a trial basis and may be terminated by CONCORD at any time. Should premature termination of the Pass occur, Capsuleers who have been assigned with it will be compensated accordingly. The Pass has a validity period, after which no compensation will be provided by CONCORD. As laid out in the Pass, CONCORD will offer Capsuleers rare Thermomagnetic Storm Nanocores, Nanocore learning materials, and skill points as a reward for participating. Due to the increased scale of data sharing, CONCORD will offer more mission options for Capsuleers. This Pass will only be available for a limited time. Opportunities like this are rare. CONCORD appreciates Capsuleers’ active participation and the data provided in the feedback.”


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