SEED moves development updates to its blog, seeks creative director


Were you a fan of SEED’s update videos? Those aren’t necessarily going away exactly, but the devs at Klang Games did announce that future production updates would be in blog format going forward. “You, our community, mean everything to us. That’s why we want to offer you a front row seat on the magnificent madness that is creating SEED,” reads the announcement post.

True to form, the game’s first production update post went live a day after the announcement, focusing on Seedling thought processes, which are implemented in the game’s simulation as a variety of status effects that temporarily modify a state like a Seedling’s mood (understandably) being lowered when it’s burned by something. When these effects occur, a thought will be displayed to communicate to the player what has happened. Basically, anyone who’s played The Sims will become pretty familiar with this system.

Today’s dev blog, however, has a heavier subject, as the studio is apparently hunting for a new creative director.

“As we continue to ramp up production and organise around a very focused set of goals, it is clear we need a new….creative director. An ambitious project like SEED screams out for someone to drive home the vision. We’re literally building a new world, simulating the future of humanity: not a small task!”

On the subject of update videos, those are still cranking out on what appears to be a monthly basis, with last month’s video talking about animating characters. You can check that video below if you’re not one for reading things.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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