Bloomberg takes a look at the growing presence of ‘Blizzard 2.0’

Pie, meet sky.

By this point everyone has had time to read and analyze that lengthy piece on IGN about Blizzard as a company in turmoil, wracked by changes in leadership and corporate culture over time. But what about the growing force of developers who have left? A new piece on Bloomberg takes a look at what is is referring to as “Blizzard 2.0,” the slew of studios made up of former developers for the company who have elected to form new studios following their departures.

The piece paints these teams as being formed of people wanting to make the games that Blizzard is no longer willing to make, characterizing both the company and its corporate overlords as being uninterested in games that are simply successful rather than being ongoing monetization streams. Of course, the piece is also quick to temper any potential expectations by noting that it is unlikely this coalition of developers will ultimately be as successful as the original venture; nevertheless, it’s an interesting look at the early stages of a post-Blizzard career for several prominent names from the company.

Source: Bloomberg; thanks to jwillo for the tip!
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