PlanetSide 2 outlines upcoming NSO faction updates, including opening the group to free players


The Nanite Systems Operative (NSO) faction in PlanetSide 2 has always been a unique choice, as it really isn’t its own faction so much as just a set of robots that join the side of the lowest populated empire and was only available to those who have a membership to the game. Those two factors are going to be changing very soon, however, as the devs are planning on bringing several NSO updates.

Top of the list is the ability for free players to become members of the NSO, provided those players have at least one BR20-ranked character and complete a requisite quest. Otherwise, these NSO units will still function as they always have, deploying to the lowest populated empire on whatever continent they land on.

Premium members that have an NSO character, meanwhile, will be allowed to align themselves with either of the game’s three factions on a semi-permanent basis and will also be able to join an outfit in that faction. Members will also be allowed to either switch allegiances by acquiring a new enlistment contract on Sanctuary or opt into a temporary freelance mode if they wish.

The so-called “NSOverhaul” will also introduce new NSO-specific directives, add a variety of new infantry weapons that are unique to the group, release two new vehicles in the form of the Chimera Battle Tank and the Dervish Heavy Fighter, and attack a variety of NSO-related bugs. These updates are all expected to enter a closed testing cycle within the next two weeks, but until then interested players can get a preview of what’s to come.


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Dankey Kang

Some big stuff going on in this update for sure. Hopefully will help sort out some of the faction imbalance issues.