Elite Dangerous maps out plans for three more updates in June as another player initiative is binned

Patch notes: Many improvements. End report

Small steps.

At the tail end of May, the devs of Elite: Dangerous promised to share a roadmap of updates to address a number of problems with the Odyssey expansion. That roadmap has since been provided, but what it does share are mostly vague mentions and promise of “many improvements.”

There are a couple of specific updates called out in this roadmap, as every Thursday in June will feature a new update patch that will roughly be the same size and scope as the previous two patches. June 10th’s update will change loadout UI flow and grant ARX to those who complete on-foot missions; June 17th will address Codex CMDR stats and suit livery UI flow; and June 24th adds the ability to share missions, improvements to galaxy and system map UI, and outfitting UI updates that try to take player feedback into account. Beyond that, each update will see “many improvements.” Whatever that means.

After that point, Frontier Developments will apparently be keeping its head down as the devs work on Odyssey’s console release, which promises to incidentally bring more improvements to the PC version as well, effectively ending targeted updates after June if the following quote is to be understood:

“While we are expecting to see specific and targeted performance improvements in the upcoming June updates, we are also aware that development work for console will allow for even larger performance optimizations and enhancements for PC too. Therefore, we feel the best approach for all our Commanders will be to focus our development efforts after Update 5 on performance and the console release, and to bring our multi-platform community together once more, which will also allow us to bring even more global optimization changes and updates to all Elite Dangerous Commanders.”

In other Elite news, yet another player-run initiative is being cancelled in the wake of Odyssey bugs: Operation IDA, which sought to bring players together to repair damaged space stations, has been axed as a result of player progress being reset after a recent weekly reset and patch. “We will not be coordinating repairs (or tracking them), since we value your time, effort, and credits,” reads the announcement. “If you would still like to haul deliveries, please feel free to do so, but we cannot guarantee station progress will not be reset until we get a confirmation from FDev.” Readers will recall that Odyssey’s problems had already seen an exploration-minded player event get cancelled, with one person who runs the event saying “the game has lost its soul.”

source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Stuart for the tip!

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The Roadmap is a major disappointment. Most of the UI issues were raised by players during the Alpha and completely ignored. It’s obvious that the differences between the alpha branch and the post alpha branch where the amount 0f base layouts, additional planetary terrain types (some of which don’t appear to be working) and lighting effects for the sunsets.

Apart from the removal of the exportation-mini game there aren’t going to be any changes to the mechanics. Problem is they certainly needed to have better social tools for commanders to talk to each other outside their ships and there needed to be some kind of harvest mechanic with the new plants that you find. So what functionality we’ve got in Odyssey will stay that way until after the console release in ‘The Fall’.

On a more positive note, now that my framerate has ‘improved’ to just above 30fps for most first person activities, the missions I’ve been running have been quite entertaining. It will be interesting to see if these missions will sustain interest for the next six months to keep me in the game.

Vic Viper

Op Ida here, ty for reporting on the repair bug situation. Just wanted to clarify we’ve had the repair issues fixed by Fdev on the 4th and are back in business! We’ll have all stations back online ASAP :)


“Therefore, we feel the best approach for all our (investors) will be to focus our development efforts after Update 5 on … the console release,”
Edited for clarity.

Michael Lehner

The sad/funny thing about the roadmap is: it’s all about dates, while what they want to do is quite vague. Which is exactly what they got them into this mess: religiously sticking to a timeline and delivery date, giving up any quality on the way.

Now they officially tell us that in order to get the complains about lack of quality in order, they want to do the very same thing yet again. To then, no matter if the fixes are sufficient or not, put us on hold, as they rather aim to get the money of those console players who have not yet heard on how bad things are there by now.

I did not expect miraculous fixes in no time. I am quite sure that the developers themselves at the moment probably are crunching like crazy. I feel sorry for them. It most likely was not their fault, but rather a management decission to put the release date over even minimum quality.

What i hoped for was that after numerous releases in the past, each being worse than the previous one and now culminating in the mess of Odyssey, they would finally manage to ponder if their way is right, or if they could maybe put a bit more emphasis on quality.

Seen in this light, the “roadmap” they gave us is rather clear: “we considered quality, but decided to make a timeline instead.” So anybody who expects quality, better go to another place.


The roadmap:

Many improvements and fixes

In most companies someone showing this as a project roadmap, would be shown the exit door.


I think that someone is a Mr D Braben and if this roadmap is the best he he can do, he might well be shown the door – by his investors. They’ve suffered Odyssey knocking the share price down to wipe £60million from the company valuation… so far.

FD’s next promo trailer. “We choose to try and rescue Odyssey from 27% review score in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”


Braben is the largest shareholder in the company with 31.4%. Make of that what you will.


He’s a plurality, but not a majority. That’s important to note.