New World’s latest region tour video features the rain-soaked Mourningdale


Hope you like dreary weather, New World fans, because the latest in the Touring Aeternum video series offers up a look at the rainy region of Mourningdale. This particular area is perpetually drenched in rain as well as filled with creature-infested ruins, but it also promises plenty of beauty to behold as well in the form of giant statues and unique flora and fauna.

Like every other region tour video released up to this point, the Mourningdale preview offers a look at a variety of locations that players of New World will find in the area, including Mourningdale Hamlet, various ancient ruins along the south, Mourningdale Fort along the southeastern coast, and the Corrupted-filled port of New Balefire among other locales. The area is certainly full of its share of dangers, but it also is a location known for its Weirdwood Trees, a harvestable that expert gatherers will be able to make use of. Fans can take in the complete look below.

source: YouTube

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If there isn’t a boss called the Edgelord of Mourningdale I will be very disappointed.