The Daily Grind: What MMO music do you listen to out of the game?

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The thing about video game music is that some of it is so perfectly attuned to a very specific game that it can feel weird to listen to it outside of that context. I definitely enjoy the soundtrack to a lot of games that I feel no desire to listen to again, for example; there’s no deep need for me to just listen to the tunes of Super Mario World in my ear as I do other things. But I sure as heck do have MMO soundtracks I load up just to hear apart from the games themselves.

WildStar and Final Fantasy XIV are both games that I’ve seen cited before as games where the soundtracks are worth listening to even if you don’t play the game, but I’ve queued up my favorite tracks here and there from Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, and World of Warcraft as well. So today I’m curious about all of you. What MMO music do you listen to out of the game? What tracks are good enough that you keep listening to them even when they’re not background tunes accompanying gameplay?

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Grace Barker

For me it’s mostly FFXIV, but I do also actually listen to some tracks from Runescape. While quite a bit of it is probably nostalgia, I do genuinely like listening to quite a few songs from it out of game, even excluding the ones used so much for memes.

Castagere Shaikura

Earth & Beyond is great relaxing background music.

Amber Allen

Runes of Magic has really great music. I listen to it sometimes when I’m not playing on the crash free and free to play private servers. That is one thing they REALLY did right, the music.

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John Buczek

Wildstar is the only one that’s grabbed me enough to buy as soon as it was available and listen to on it’s own.


I’m amazed no-one has mentioned Anarchy Online! Such a great soundtrack that has drawn me back to the game many times over the years.

Lucky Jinx

Absolutely none. Game music works in a game, but I can’t stand them out of context. Only exception so far (30 years and counting), has been WoW’s BfA Patch 8.2 – Nazjatar soundtrack. Although I’ve never listened to that music outside the game, the piano melody has been haunting me a few times. I’ve even returned there a couple of times just to fish a little and let that soundtrack roll.

K8 D

The only soundtracks i listen to out of game are non mmo, with the exception of one lotro track: The Hollin Gate

Gwen Hey

All these comments and not a single mention of Sea Shanty 2… I’m appalled


I used to listen to EVE Online’s ambient music outside of the game, also FFXIV’s music is really good to listen outside of the game due to variety of music styles and many songs having beautiful vocals, like the Dragonsong or Beauty’s Wicked Wiles or What Angel Wakes Me or the Oblivion from Akh Afah Amphitheatre. I didn’t care much for other MMORPGs music, though, especially the ones which use “generic fantasy theme” without good vocals.


Maybe not MMO music but the Conan the Barbarian(Original) soundtrack is amazing to listen to while playing Conan Unchained or any MMO for that matter.