WRUP: Hippo dance texture edition

Less texture.

What is the texture of a hippo dance? To understand this, we first have to understand a few important pieces of information. The first is that hippos are mammals. The second is that when a hippo is wet, it is wet on purpose. The third? Actually, that’s the mammal thing again.

Hold on. I think I got these slides out of order. Wait, now it’s back to the first slide. Hold on. Hold on. Kyle. Hey. Kyle? Kyle, the clicker thing isn’t working right. No, it reversed… wait, now it’s back to working. Wait, now it won’t stop! Okay, let me try to go through this quickly. The fourth thing is – wait, never mind, the fifth thing is volume? Wait, we needed the third and fourth for that to make sense!

Darn it, Kyle! I blame you for this, Kyle. You’ve ruined What Are You Playing again. Kyle, you are a jerk.

Bonus question: What’s a chore you’re bad about remembering to do?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go’s my main feature this weekend. I’ve been so behind on clearing space for all the Gible I want (mostly as candy and trade fodder as I’ve been extremely blessed). I’ll probably give Crowfall some time, as I’m a backer, but my experience on Thursday with the tutorial has left me just shrugging so far. If possible, I may get in some more New Pokemon Snap or Monster Hunter Rise time, especially as I feel I’ve got a super cool outfit (both appearance and function!) and have been doing better against the stupid missile-dragon.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Definitely some Star Wars Galaxies Legends. I have been toying with changing my combat toon to a different class or picking up a pet. But I’ll probably remember I don’t love SWG combat and just play something else. I picked up an extra copy of No Man’s Sky so my kids would stop fighting over mine, but now I want to play too.

I’m bad about watering the plants. Sorry, plants.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): The latest update to Elite Dangerous has seen overall performance jump upwards noticeably for me, so I’m definitely gonna be about that mission grind. I also am going to get reacclimated with Star Citizen (I haven’t played in months), and I kind of am curious to dip my toes into this Starship Evo game I got a while back. Basically, all the internet spaceships.

Dusting is easily my worst chore. I am terminally bad at keeping up with that except for with my PC. So not only am I lazy, I am selectively lazy, which is arguably far worse.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Honestly? Probably Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla primarily. It’s kind of nice just taking in some single-player sights betwixt bouts of stuff online. Feels a bit like a vacation, you know?

I am honestly kind of terrible about remembering to take care of the vacuuming, which is a problem since that is one of my household chores. It’s not even that I mind doing it! It just slips my mind and scheduling a lot.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m still playing Leafling! I think this week will be the end of my stay there though. I can see how fun it is but there is a grind gap that I’m not sure I want to complete in an alpha game. Maybe if it ever releases I’ll play more, but we’ll see. I’ve also been playing Rocket League almost every night; usually only a couple matches though. It gives me that 15 minutes of quick fun PvP to level me out for the evening.

I’m bad at rolling the recycle out to the street. It’s picked up every other week, so I always end up forgetting about it.

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