Moonlight Sculptor gets new dungeons, a guild hideout, and a new event on June 8


With roughly two weeks since the game’s launch now under its belt, it’s time for the mobile MMO Moonlight Sculptor to get its first content update this coming Tuesday, June 8th.

Players can look forward to some new content in the form of a 150-floor Mirkhan Tower, a new Twisted Abyss – Sewer Maze dungeon, and the Tyrant’s Ominous Temple raid, along with a new set effect for the Anubis Raid and Raid Decorative clothes, the addition of a guild hideout, and the start of a Green Day event that’s very likely not related to the band of the same name.

In other Moonlight Sculptor news, those who purchased a Growth Pack II bundle and were confused by an apparent text error are getting some recompense in the form of five Golden Treasure Chests. This gift is offered to those who bought the item before June 3rd.


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Oleg Chebeneev

Fun fact: the game is based on very popular novel Moonlight Sculptor where events happen inside an MMO.


People say the game has Auto-Play so I can’t see myself playing it.