The Daily Grind: Do you play MMOs when you’re on vacation?


As I type this, MOP’s Justin is on vacation, though he’ll be back by the time you’re reading it. And dammit, he deserved it. We all do!

Justin is really good at not wasting a good vacation on video games. When he says he’s unplugging, he does it. But some folks? I’ve seen y’all taking a week off work so you can play a launch, straight-up using vacation days to play video games, and I love it. I have never done this, but I am extremely jealous of those who do. Like, if I get a vacation, it’s always because of visiting with relatives. I want a vacation where I can play!

Other folks just want to lie on a real beach for a week, not have their characters kill monsters for a week. I get that too. What about you? Do you play MMOs when you’re on vacation?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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