Atlas talks post-Tradewinds update plans, introduces buff-granting towers


Now that Atlas has released its Tradewinds update (after a bit of a delay), players are maybe wondering what’s next for the seafaring sandbox. Some of those plans were outlined in a recent dev blog, with plans to have the game map separated into different geographical themes, more ship customizations and pre-built ship options, and the introduction of the long-range artillery Mortar Ship and heavily armored blockade-breaking Turtle Ship in the game’s next major update.

As for the most immediate updates to the game, an patch from a couple of weeks ago has introduced three different towers that can grant fleet-wide buffs; one that increases sailing speed, one that grants a ship damage resistance buff, and one that provides a ship damage boost, all three of which can be learned by training in Advanced Automation. The game has also seen a small update to its server grid editor tool that lets users export map images in either .jpg or .png formats.

sources: official site (1, 2), press release

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