Crowfall outlines dates for beta closure and forum maintenance leading into full release

From a certain point of view.

Crowfall is going to be a launched MMO on Tuesday, July 6th. That much is absolutely set in stone. Of course, that does leave up the question of when the game’s current beta will be wrapping up, but that question has been answered with a date announcement post that outlines timing for the game’s final steps into release.

The game’s free beta will wrap up at around 1:00 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 23rd, meaning those who got in via referral codes will be locked out while those who purchased beta access will still get to play. Then, on Thursday, July 1st, the beta’s live servers will close to everyone, which also comes with a wipe of all characters, items, and Eternal Kingdoms and a reset of purchases. At this point, the test server will still be open for backers as the devs do some final ironing. That same Thursday will also see the forums go down for a day’s worth of maintenance.

After that, of course, is July 6th’s launch, but before that there’s still time for collector’s edition buyers to update their addresses, an early bird promotion that rewards guilds for recruiting new or existing players, and some free rewards like a sigil, mount, and nameplate for buyers of the game being handed out for June and July. Speaking of the free beta, make sure to use our code to take a peek: It’s MOPCROWCODE. But hurry, since now we know that things are wrapping up on that front soon.


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I wish you Crowfallers the best of luck! (no relation to me)
I tooled around in the beta and found a lot of cool things about the game. Alas, I’m just not into PvP games myself — just an occasional jaunt here and there. My play snippets can be brief these days so sometimes I just want to spend an hour or two questing or dungeon running. That said, it looked like an interesting game so I’m sure a lot of folks will love it!