Second Life’s CEO, Ebbe Altberg, has passed away


We’re terribly sorry to report that Second Life CEO Ebbe Altberg has passed away after a long illness. Linden Lab posted the news to the game’s community over the weekend.

“Ebbe Altberg started with Linden Lab as our CEO on February 5th, 2014. He took the helm of the company and immediately went to work on reinvigorating our spirit and culture. Ebbe brought a profound openness, and transparency in his operation which was key and that had many effects on all of us internally, and externally. Lindens were encouraged to be part of the vibrant community in Second Life, to participate in and to cherish it as part of our daily duties. Ebbe also worked internally on embracing all aspects of Second Life, learning about its many nuances to understand impacts of decisions we make; while being sensitive to those and utilizing all of our resources, which firstly included you, the community, and many of us who are deeply embedded in Second Life. Ebbe’s goals for Second Life included promoting Second Life as the world’s best virtual world, community and platform. He also sought new adventures in building next generation products.”

“I commit to all of you to carry forward with our mission of making Second Life the biggest, best, most vibrant virtual world that there ever can be,” VP of Product Ops Patch Linden wrote. New World Notes has further compiled a trundle of memories and tributes to Altberg.

Longtime MassivelyOP and Massively fans know that the original Massively was born out of a Second Life blog back on AOL, and in those early days the MMO/lifesim/virtual world was a cornerstone game for coverage. I’m not sure we’d be here without it. Our hearts are with the community.


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Brazen Bondar

Sad. The community appreciated his energy. He arrived at a time that was really rocky. The two previous CEO’s didn’t even understand what SL was. When he came on board you could tell he understood the product and valued the community.

Bruno Brito

Rest in peace, Ebbe.

Mark Jacobs

R.I.P. Ebbe.

Thank you for taking the mantle of Second Life and trying to do even more with it. While I was never a SL player, it was an important MMO as it served as an early example of where MMOs can and will go (and some places where it shouldn’t go) in the future.

Ardra Diva

It’s improved a lot, Oleg. The use of mesh and more advanced graphic design features has kept the graphics steadily improving. I cannot say the performance has dramatically improved, it’s essentially a browser that has to load each zone when you visit it (since they constantly change due to people building things).

I’ve spent a great deal of time in Second Life and I firmly believe it’s the most amazing virtual world ever built, with the least censorship and control – maybe that will ever be. I was there when casinos were a big deal before Linden went to the FBI and asked how to avoid being indicted for online gambling and they closed that chapter of their virtual world. Saw the constant steady improvement of avatar quality and skins – if I was making an MMO today? I’d hire the LAQ designer to make my avatars. They’re spectacular and you would have a hundred skins and faces to choose from.

I’m a little sad that the VR world they built, Project Sansar, was perhaps 3 years too early and hasn’t blossomed the way they hoped. Perhaps they can revive interest in it when a new Quest is released.

Oleg Chebeneev

RIP. I had some cool experiences in SL. I wonder how the project is doing now and if it improved alot since like 5 years ago