Black Desert teases the arrival of ‘a new tide’ and enters a crossover with Bugatti across all platforms



Oh, don’t mind that noise, that’s the sound of Black Desert trying to hammer the square peg of Bugatti into the round hole of its game world. Yes, Bugatti — the hypercar manufacturer — is going to be represented in the MMO by way of branded cosmetics that can be purchased in the Pearl Shop and special event quests for PC, console, and mobile that grant unique items like a Dancing Elephant trophy and a speed-boosting item. I guess that’s better than being fleeced for digital Gucci handbags?

Of course, there’s more than weird cross-promotion things happening, as all three games have seen updates. Among the highlights are some new items to repair Node and Conquest War forts, command posts, and field HQs as well as some Central Market changes for PC players; new blue grade gear and items for life skills on console; and the start of a Siege War pre-season with a new location and a number of adjustments for mobile players.

On top of that, all three games have dished out the same teaser trailer yesterday that hints at the coming of “a new tide” this summer, referencing an Into the Waves update. This clearly means something sea-based is coming to all three platforms, but it could also indicate something underwater as well. In either case, we’ve got Bugatti videos and teaser videos below to gnaw on.

sources: press release, Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Black Desert console site (1, 2), Black Desert Mobile site (1, 2), YouTube (1, 2, 3)
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