Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood launches on console today – here’s the new trailer

Please listen.

While PC, Mac, and Stadia fans are already deep in Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood chapter, but console fans are only just getting their first go-round today as the chapter has officially launched for them too, complete with a new trailer.

As we’ve been covering all year, the centerpiece of Blackwood is the new companion system, which grants players their own NPC follower to help out in combat. There‚Äôs also a new 12-person raid, the new Oblivion portal world events, and the Blackwood zone itself, amounting to “over 30 hours of new story content,” according to ZeniMax Online Studios. And of course, this the plotline pushes along the Gates of Oblivion narrative, “task[ing] players with exposing the daedric plots and tyrannical schemes consuming the region” as they “discover the connection of these plots to the Prince of Destruction and his dreadful plans for Tamriel.”

If you’re still hankering for Console Enhanced, that’s next week, so a bit more patience is in order. While you wait, you can check out our interview with ZeniMax’s Rich Lambert and watch the brand-new console trailer below.

Source: Press release
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