World of Warcraft adds new mounts on the 9.1 test server unlocked through special activities


Are you tired of mounts you get through quests or reputation but want some new mounts just the same? Good news; patch 9.1 has added a couple of new mounts that you unlock through a few days of concentrated activity in Korthia rather than via specific tasks. The Dusklight Razorwing and Maelie the Wanderer both require you to take part in a special activity for a few days in order to unlock the mounts, either via returning lost eggs or just locating an elusive cloudrunner.

What’s that? You’re more concerned with actual gameplay mechanics than fun side activities? Well, the good news is the most recent test server patch has that too, with everything from effects on the dagger Sylvanas drops to hints at a hard mode for the upcoming Mythim-only dungeon Tazavesh. It’s not quite as cool as getting a mount by just returning someone’s eggs, but everyone has a different focus, after all.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2, 3)
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