Ashes of Creation plans AMA with its creative director

Sorry, wait, were we not pointing this one out yet?

Come one, come all to the greatest show online! That’s right, it’s time for another “Ask Me Anything” session, this time with Ashes of Creation’s creative director Steven Sharif.

Sharif announced that he’s going to be tackling community questions on Twitch this coming Sunday, June 13th. The chosen questions, however, will be plucked from the most upvoted comments on an MMORPG subreddit thread, so fans can go submit their own queries right now for hopeful inclusion.

“Over the past several months we have been testing with our over 10k Alpha One testers, and recently we released some 4k footage of massive raids and castle sieges that demonstrate our significant progress towards achieving 250v250 battles,” Sharif said.

Ashes of Creation’s next big alpha phase was delayed until July, although with the verbal NDA down, current testers have spoken out about the upcoming MMO.

Source: Reddit

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Bah, I prefer live AMA with less time to curate desirable questions. Get a lot more variety in questions.

Kickstarter Donor

Nice, I bet if they have any communications team they’re probably pulling their hair out that they decided to do it smack in the middle of E3.

An hour after the big Xbox/Bethesda conference kicks off? An hour before the Squeenix conference kicks off?

I hope this is purely thought of as a community affair, because if they’re hoping to get any media juice outta this they’re gonna be disappointed.

Vincent Clark

Odd timing, indeed. But given Sharif’s ego, not surprising.