adds global friend lists with its most recent update

Dead friends.

It’s a little easier to have friends across the world in Blizzard’s services with the most recent update. The latest client update adds in a new worldwide global friend list feature, allowing you to befriend and chat with people you know even if they’re in a different region from your own. That means you can have friends playing on European and Asian regions who you still speak with on your friend list, you can invite one another to global chats, and so forth.

Of course, this doesn’t change some of the elements players had hoped for like actual cross-region play or cross-region characters in World of Warcraft; those restrictions all remain in place. But it does allow for perhaps a bit more flexibility in meeting people and hanging out with them outside of the game, which is a good thing, and players are hopeful it might presage further changes to region locks. One can only hope, right?

Source: Wowhead

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