Elementia is a self-described ‘MMORPG with old-school values’ currently in pre-alpha


I can only imagine how many indie devs asked themselves how hard making an MMO could be and then realizing that it’s phenomenally difficult. Thus is the introduction of Elementia, a small indie project that was born from the desire of two fans to create the MMO they would want to play. Readers will note that we covered this one before this past April. You’ll also recall that the dev team had a few people leave, though work on the game is pressing on despite that.

“The aim of the Elementia team is simple. Make an enjoyable MMORPG with old-school values. No nonsense. No pay to win. Just a fun game that’s there to be enjoyed and to immerse yourself in.”

As a refresher, Elementia promises a variety of features that heavily lean towards cooperative play, including a class-free character progression system, a player-driven economy, group content like dungeons, raids, and world bosses, the opportunity to find hidden caves, puzzles, and more to unlock rare gear and achievements, and customizable guild halls. The game also features seven different weapon types, five different gathering skills, and seven different crafting professions.

As of right now, the game is currently in a proof-of-concept development phase that the devs call the “potato build” as well as a pre-alpha phase, both of which have seen a number of updates. The game further has its own Reddit and other social media channels, and has recently put out it’s very first dev vlog to introduce itself to potential players. You can find that embedded below.


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Yeah I’m leery of these Indy games that are being developed by people in their off time. I’m a developer myself (business software not games) and I can tell you that about the last thing I want to do in my free time is develop even more. People are going to burn out or give you 1 or 2 hours here and there and it’s not going to be their best work. Plus you end up with what happened on this project where people just up and quit because the pittance of pay you’re throwing at them just isn’t worth the time away from family and friends. I predict this game will either take as long as Star Citizen to develop or more likely just shut down.


As long as there are no Kickstarters or Steam Early Accesses with a price tag, I’m in. But I won’t pay anything unless I get to test it for free. I’ve only bought one MMORPG in Early Access and it still has to prove itself, I won’t buy another one ever again, even if I had disposable income in the billions.

Bruno Brito

Oldschool values, oldschool graphics and an oldschool chance of failure to fit.


oldschool chance of failure

So very little chance?

James Balmer

God, I remember MMO’s failing or close to failing ALL the time 10-15 years ago. Nothing could stand up against Everquest/WoW, MMO’s became niche (Eve, City of Heroes, Dark Age of Camelot, Lord of the Rings Online) or simply died (Tubula Rasa, Asherons Call 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Warhammer Online, Vanguard, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Star Wars Galaxies, Firefall, Darkfall, Mortal Online.)

Bruno Brito

Couple it with asian imports and WoW scythed quite a lot of MMOs.

Priston Tale, Flyff, Rose, Eudemons, Trickster, Silkroad, Requiem, Allods, etc. Sure, a lot of them failed also for their own shortcomings but being blindsided by WoW didn’t help.