Kickstarted VR MMORPG Ilysia has launched its closed alpha 1


It’s been a bit slow in coming, but the first prong of Ilysia’s closed alpha is finally live for backers. MMO players will recall that it was the second-largest successful MMO Kickstarter of 2020; Team 21 Studio studio pitched Ilysia as a VR-centered traditional MMO “inspired by classic MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and EverQuest” where gamers can “experience the glory days of MMORPGs again.” The alpha news was released on Discord:

“Today marked the official start of the closed Alpha 1 for Ilysia from our Kickstarter campaign! We’re super excited that people can finally hop in and see what we’ve been working on since the close of Pre-Alpha. We’ve already seen a few people streaming their Alpha play, and I’d expect there to be YouTube videos appearing shortly as well! We want to thank every one of you for continuing to be here, and for supporting our idea. It’s been a long road to this milestone, and we’re looking forward to continued development and content to get the game into Alpha 2 and beyond!”

Team 21 says that around 1200 people signed up for this leg of the test, which will “last a while before we transition officially into Beta.” The studio suggested it might open up beta signups later if more testers are needed.

Source: Discord

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Ardra Diva

Huge VR fan here, MMOs kind of require an adjustment in play style, you will use almost exclusively 1st person views in VR and that means you can’t always see as far off, or see what’s coming up behind you, etc., and progress slows down a lot. But the immersion is amazing. Vanishing Realms was really the first hint of what VR MMOs could be. When you have to actually swing your arms to use your weapon, and then use your hands and arms to hack open a coffin, reach down into it to take out the loot, you realize you’re really having a new gaming experience. My only real gripe is that we’re getting incremental ‘baby steps’ improvements in the visors. Today’s are better than my original Rift, but not so much better than I’m going to spend $399-799 to get one. Still waiting for one with capabilities higher than current graphics cards, i.e., a little bit future-proofed.


I’m pretty hype for this one. Saw it in kickstarter last year and jumped on it since my crowdfunding portfolio had nothing in VR.

I feel like changing the interface to VR will definitely freshen up the genre a bit. Plus the devs seem to know what they are doing and are quick to respond to issues, most notable the issue of griefing(player damage was on) in this alpha that was thankfully fixed quickly before I got my invite today.

I’ll update once I’ve had a chance to try it out.