Moonlight Sculptor hits one million downloads as its first post-launch release goes live


It would appear that the mobile MMO Moonlight Sculptor has found its audience as developer XL Games and publisher Kakao Games are lauding the fact that there have been one million downloads thus far. At launch, the new MMO hit the top spot on Google Play in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, #2 in the Philippines, and #5 in the United States; on the App Store it debuted at #1 in Singapore and reached #2 in Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.

As a way to celebrate Moonlight Sculptor’s launch success, the game is handing out free gifts including a bundle full of boost items and 200,000 Gold, 10 days of daily login goodies like chests, enhancement scrolls, elixirs, and Buddy Eggs, and the ability to earn 20% more gold and items twice a day for a duration of 2 to 3 hours each between now and June 14th.

The game has also gotten its first post-release update just as promised. The update adds the 150-floor Mirkhan Tower, a guild hideout for guild members to hang out together in, a Twisted Sewer Maze dungeon, and a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Green Day event (which is pretty late in it’s arrival but we’ll not fault the game over that) among other things. The patch notes provide all of the specific details.

sources: press release, official site

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