Swords of Legends Online shows off three of its side activities in the Ancestral Records

Side activities

There’s more to do in Swords of Legends Online than just smashing things for quests. You can do that, of course, but you can also go out and exorcise ghosts, or smash things for bounties, or even excavate some hidden archaeological treasures (hopefully without any smashing whatsoever). Those are the subjects of the latest article on the official site, showing off more of the side activities that players can participate in via the Ancestral Records feature.

Players who like hunting monsters will be rewarded for taking part in the bounty hunting of the Blood Ruvia and tracking down dangerous monsters to take on either solo or in groups. Those who would prefer to exorcise ghosts can work as an Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern and pacify wandering spirits, while the Natural History Academy seeks those who look to learn more about the world via the excavation of rare artifacts. Check out the full dispatch for a few more details about what to expect from these side activities off the beaten path.

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