TERA Console adds the Stigma system, new dungeons, and a bracelet item in recent update


Generally speaking, carrying a stigma is a negative thing, but in the case of TERA Console it’s actually to your benefit to carry a Stigma, as it can be used to deal additional damage to certain monsters. If that sounds confusing, then perhaps the patch notes for the game’s latest update will shed some light. Or perhaps raise further questions; the system looks kind of dense.

At the brass tacks level, there are four types of Stigma players can equip that offer up extra damage when players attack a foe that has a weakness to that Stigma’s type. Stigmas come in four different grades and can be enhanced from lower grade to higher grade, and can even have random additional boons related to attack, defense, or things like crit bonuses starting from uncommon grade and up. On top of that, Stigmas can be enchanted up to +5, raising both the damage they deal and their ability to detect monster weakness, and the additional bonuses can also be changed, though doing so is irreversible.

The new update has also opened up a couple of new dungeons in the form of Bahaar’s Sanctum — noted as “the highest phase of TERA” and one of the game’s most difficult dungeons — and the five-player Rift’s Edge. Plus, the update has introduced a new bracelet that can be earned from dungeon clears or the Battle Pass Plus and has kicked off the unique-looking Indoor Gangster battle pass.

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