The 2021 Nexon Developers Conference is now public, and it includes a Guild Wars 2 audio panel


As promised, Nexon has kicked off the Nexon Developers Conference this week, with nearly 50 dev-led sessions on “data analysis, programing, visual art and sound as well as business management planned for the week.” As of today, all of the panels are open for public viewing, although everything is currently in Korean. (Nexon originally promised English and Japanese translations, but from what we can see right now, that isn’t live yet.)

MMORPG players will want to note that Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet actually sent an audio team member to present remotely on the game’s development.

“I’m honored to announce that I am a speaker at this year’s Nexon Developers Conference, representing the ArenaNet audio team to share some high level details of how we did audio for Guild Wars 2!” ArenaNet Associate Sound Director SungHa Hong tweeted. “NDC is like the Korean version of GDC with game devs from various disciplines & game studios sharing their knowledge with the public. Because NDC is held online this year, I was able to prepare and film this talk from my bedroom.” Hong likewise notes that her talk hasn’t been translated from Korean yet, but you can still peek through the slides. There’s quite a bit of Path of Fire work in there!

Source: Nexon, Twitter

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Bruno Brito

For two seconds i thought it was something concerning Nexon itself and GW2 and i was like “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…”