Black Desert updates the central market, opens up family names from deleted accounts


With Black Desert’s Heidel Ball just a pinch over a week away, the devs busy with a flurry of promotional bits – not to mention the latest PC patch.

First, Pearl Abyss has outlined some of the fluffier events that’ll take place during the Ball, including the player survey and the giveaway-encrusted watch party events. The team is talking up Black Desert TV. No, it’s not really a TV, though given the Bugatti collab earlier this week, you’re forgiven for wondering. It’s just the game’s landing page for all official and unofficial streams.

This week’s PC patch includes the aforementioned Bugatti collab event, a round of small balance tweaks for a handful of classes classes, and a ruleset change for the game’s central market.

“The rules regarding how prices adjust in the Central Market have been changed. Currently, weapons are considered as a single item (Group) regardless of class. But even after the update on April 21, there was an issue where the market price could change drastically if the prices of certain weapons increased compared to the standard price. As a result, we’ve changed how prices for the same weapon fluctuate by making the price vary depending on the amount traded so that the price of the same weapon does not change according to specific transactions. Furthermore, for items with a high value (price of 20 billion silver or items listed below) at the current standard (as of June 7), we’ve changed the said items to appear 15 minutes after being listed on the Central Market and for a World message to appear at the same time. (If said item has a pre-order, a separate notification will appear. The wait time for the items may take from 14 to 15 minutes.) Lastly, we are developing additional authentication steps using features such as OTP for listing or buying items above a certain price on the Central Market. Unfortunately, we were not able to introduce them today, since we required time to implement and test them, but we are doing our best on developing it. Additionally, if we see that this patch falls short, we will look into making exceptions on how price changes for certain items.”

Finally, if you never got around to transferring your account from Kakao, it’s too late now. The studio says it’s been deleted as promised, meaning that cool family names are up for grabs: “Family/Character names of accounts that were not transferred have been made available during the June 8 (Tue) maintenance.”

Source: Patch notes

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