Elite Dangerous’ third Odyssey update adjusts weapon and suit UI, applies crash fixes, and adds ARX rewards for on-foot missions


As promised in the June update roadmap, the third patch for Elite: Dangerous has been applied, providing another round of fixes for the Odyssey expansion.

One of the highlights of the patch notes revolve around several UI changes for the suits and weapon browser, with improvements to the way stats are displayed and how stat comparisons are calculated, visible damage resistance values for suits, a newly displayed “percentage chance” stat converted to enum, and a name change for “reload time” to “reload speed” to better match the weapon’s value.

Another highlight is the addition of ARX to various on-foot activities: Players will now get ARX for first footfall, organic sampling and analysis, various actions related to suit and weapon buying and upgrading, and winning and capturing points during combat zones among other things.

The update has also added a wide variety of crash fixes for things like occlusion culling, carrier jumps, and more, along with fixes for various UI issues, offline settlement bugs, and additional settlement geometry problems. Players should take note of the known issues section too, as there is a soft lock for players entering the CMDR panel via the access UI. All of these details and more are available in the patch notes.


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E:D Odyssey still deserves the prize for the most stupid game mechanics. When you walk around a settlement on foot a guard might want to scan you. If you miss the text message and don’t stop right away you get fined and the whole settlement turns hostile and starts shooting.

I am not sure who tested this and who greenlit a release but if it was Braben himself, he should consider a permanent retirement.


Maybe it’s just that I don’t know any better, but the gameplay loop for footfall missions seems to be overly punishing for deaths. Especially for someone new to odyssey.

When you die, you either have to recall your ship or ride another taxi to go all the way back to the outpost. That’s like a 10+ min respawn… when that happens, I just log off and try again next month. Definitely not very engaging.