PAX Online East is selling a digital badge that grants merch discounts and early Discord access for 15 bucks


With PAX East going to an all-digital format this year, there are a few experiences that are missing from the event that probably can’t quite be replicated, such as getting a badge — oh, wait, what’s this? PAX Online East is selling a badge for the event? Well then, go figure!

This badge isn’t quite the same as access badges that fans would otherwise purchase, obviously, as it provides a number of specific perks for the event like a $10 coupon for the merch store, exclusive access to purchase a Pinny Arcade Pin for the year (lots of people genuinely live for these things), a seven-day Gold Pass subscription to the Tabletopia digital tabletop platform, eligibility to participate in this year’s Omegathon competition, and early access to the event’s official Discord.

It should be noted that the actual meat of the event — access to streams, merch, the digital expo hall, and the Discord itself — will still be free for all fans. But for those who have $15 and really like PAX, there’s now an option for you.

source: Twitter

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