Starbase is delaying its early access again, nudging it to the end of July


How many times can you delay an early access launch? Starbase is apparently trying to set a record. It was originally set to hit early access “later in 2019,” the same year it was announced. Then it pushed it off when it became clear that wasn’t happening. Then it gave up on its 2020 dreams. Then it eyeballed May 2021. Then June 17th – an actual date! Alas, that’s not happening either, as today, Finnish developer Frozenbyte admitted it’s had to push everything off again, now to July 29th.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience but believe this is for the best in the long run,” the devs say, noting “release readiness” and alpha tester feedback convinced them to hold off. In particular, the team wants specific features to be fully ready before early access to make the launch a success, especially the tutorial and factories. The July 29th date isn’t set in stone, though; the devs say they’ll confirm it when they’re closer to sure it’s ready.

As we’ve previously noted, Starbase is a space MMO focused on crafting, exploration, construction, and combat. And robots. So many robots. The most recent progress on the game has revolved around that tutorial, asteroids, and the interface.

Source: YouTube

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Ken from Chicago

Space games take time.