Warhammer: Return of Reckoning celebrates seven years with doubled progress today

waugh? okay

It’s been seven years of operation for Warhammer: Return of Reckoning, and the rogue server is celebrating by doubling things up. Renown, experience, and influence are all multiplied by two, starting from noon on Altdorf time today, running for a full day of doubled gains. So get in there and start making progress; everything is going to be a bit faster for a while, after all. Stock up that renown and influence!

The game also has a weekend warfront running in the Factory of War, starting on Friday and running through the weekend with increased gains for participants. The server staff is also excited about the new things that are planned for the next year of the game’s operation, including Hunter’s Vale and a new ranked season. There’s also a new trailer for the server just below, so there’s plenty to look forward to over the course of the next year even after the doubled experience runs its course. Happy birthday, Reckoning!


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James Mock

Part of me wishes I was in an alternate universe were the game was more successful and it got a few expansions, more races, more classes, and other wonderful things. I really loved that MMO.

Richard R

Dwarfs of Ekrund!