Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore outlines plans for how spells and abilities are unlocked


What’s a self-described “high risk-reward” MMORPG without some spells and abilities? Probably one where the risk and reward would involve angrily glowering at one another or threatening to use hug emotes. Mercifully (or sadly), there will not be hug fights in the game because there will be spells and abilities.

Game designer Amar Duranovic took a moment to share the work of the devs at Gellyberry Studios, including some ability icon artwork previews and a detail of how abilities are earned. Abilities will be grouped by archetype, but will otherwise grant players the chance to flesh out every detail along the way, as access to spells and abilities will follow player choices in factions, quests, exploration, and other factors.

“Let us say you come across the Priests of the Great Flame who are seeking to eradicate the Frostcarvers of the Valian Mountains. Should you side with the priests, you will increase in reputation with them while effectively destroying the Frostcarvers. This trust you have garnered with the priests might unlock specific important figures from within the ranks of the priests to teach you some spells/abilities. Then your decision within the world will have impacted your character directly. However, should you decide to side with the Frostcarvers, you might unlock other trainers from within their order to open different progressional paths.”

Player decisions, discovered spells from old ruins or tomes, and the attribute system are all planned to make each character’s progression unique. A video preview of the game’s abilities and spells is in the works, and a date for the game’s first phase of closed alpha testing is still simply listed as soon™.


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