EVE Online’s upcoming Enter the Portal update features adjustments to the game’s sneaky spaceships


For the cloak and dagger-loving EVE Online player, the variety of black ops ships are some pretty good choices, but they could be better. That’s the aim of the upcoming Enter the Portal update, which plans to make several changes to black ops battleships and covert ops exploration ships.

Black ops battleships are getting a new group jump feature that allow them to ambush foes with a group of ships at a reduced fuel cost, a buff to battleship damage, and a 650% bonus to ship max velocity when using cloaking devices. As for covert ops exploration ships, all ships of this type will be swapping out combat bonuses for scanning bonuses along with a reduction in capacitor need to initiate warp, while the Helios and Cheetah are getting a cloaked velocity bonus, and the Anathema and Buzzard will get reduced scan deviation.

All of these updates are currently available for testing in the game’s Singularity test server, so those who like to play the internet spaceship equivalent of the rogue class would do well to take a peek and provide some feedback. A sneaky peek, if you will.


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