LOTRO’s community puts on a Shirefest concert series


If you have some spare time this weekend and a hankering to enjoy good music amongst friends, make your way over to Lord of the Rings Online’s Crickhollow, where Shirefest 2021 is raging all the way through Sunday.

With this player concert series, 30 bands are using the in-game music system to perform sets of songs on the Methel-Stage in the Shire. Some of the bands performing include the Wee Free Banshees, the Gallic Frogs Band, the Michel Delving Bunny Watch, Noodley Tunes, and the Rolling Kegs.

And when you’re done with that and back to serious raiding, Dadi’s LOTRO Guides has all of the tips and strategies you need to conquer the brand-new Fall of Khazad-dûm 12-player instance.

Source: LOTRO, #2

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The normal servers seem very stable in population, from mid to high population. There are two or three that SSG is considering updated hardware for due to the higher population load. Middle-earth is a very big place.

Ardra Diva

I think it’s high time they merged into only one or two servers. The game would seem a lot more alive and busier… like it once was years ago.