Tiny MMO Book of Travels hits early access August 9 with its ‘chapter zero’ release


Well here’s a happy weekend announcement for MMO fans: Book of Travels has just revealed that it’s launching into early access on August 9th, further compounding your game choices this wild summer of MMO launches. That means no more delays for the Kickstarted MMO that took home our “most anticipated” award at the end of 2019; early access was originally slated for last fall, then delayed to Q2 of this year, then to Q3.

“Book of Travels is a TMORPG – A Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. This is a riff on the usual MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and in play terms it means a very different way to share experiences with others in the game. With fewer players available to meet in the game world, connecting with others will be a very special part of the story experience. You will get a whole world to discover with the potential for intimate, unforgettable encounters with other players along the way.”

A new trailer from the Might and Delight crew puts the game’s visuals into perspective for the “chapter zero” release and teases the game’s website to boot. The game is up for wishlisting on Steam and can still be preordered through Kickstarter.

Source: Press release

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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Every time they say “The New Searchers” it sounds like they’re either talking about one of those bands that has no original members and is always in litigation with an old bass player over the rights to the name. Either that or a desperately ill-advised remake of the John Ford movie.

Graphics look lovely but the vibe is a little Vermont 1975 for my tastes. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays but I wouldn’t get any hopes up.

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So what do you actually, like, do in this game?

Besides travel.


I don’t know, but judging from the perspective of the game, I’d say whatever you can do is probably very limited.

So aside from the game looking nice, it doesn’t feel like it offers much for you to do.

It feels like that MMORPG The Realm Online, but even TRO feels like it allows more freedom, only time will tell.


This is a solid question, can anyone elaborate on what this game actually is?

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Man, it seems like forever since I kickstarted this. looking forward to trying it out finally.