Crowfall’s latest Q&A covers the roadmap before and after launch


The June ACE Q&A video from Crowfall is online, and you’ll never guess what J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair had to talk about. Yes, it’s the MMO’s upcoming launch, obviously, and the two lead devs took some moments to look back at the progress made and offer a little detail of what’s happening next.

The first half of the video was primarily a retrospective, with both Coleman and Blair talking about their prior release game experiences as well as how Crowfall has evolved through its various stages of development. They also replayed the game’s introductory animatic, showed off a quick bit of some collector’s edition goodies, and recounted the timeline heading into launch.

The video offered up a roadmap of launch and first updates at one point, with a list of features that will either be at launch, be arriving shortly after launch, or will be introduced in post-launch updates later down the line. Future update plans include Discipline changes that focus on advancement and soulbinding, a permanent GvG ruleset, a handshake system for sieges, and changes to how alliance scoring works, with the idea to make alliances shift near the end of each campaign instead of keep themselves together from one campaign to the next — something that Coleman calls out as a problem.

Source: YouTube

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Very much looking forward to this!