Diablo II Resurrected executive producer talks about alpha feedback, beta features, and other Diablo title developments


Shortly after Diablo II: Resurrected got its time in the E3 sun to unveil its launch date, Blizzard’s Rod Fergusson went into greater detail on the game’s testing phases, among other things, in a post-announcement interview.

Fergusson stated that the recent alpha test went well overall and received a lot of positive feedback, which led to the development team having the confidence to announce D2R’s release date. The game will soon move into a multiplayer beta test in August, with promise of full multiplayer on Blizzard’s servers for PC and console players, along with the addition of the Druid and Barbarian to the list of playable classes for a total of five classes. As with the game’s open beta, pre-ordering will secure your spot in the multiplayer beta.

Fergusson also took a moment to field a couple of questions about Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal: On the former, the game is in “deep development” and plans to showcase progress at the end of the month, while the latter also had a successful and productive alpha test period. It’s a short interview but no less informative for Diablo fans; we’ve got it timestamped and embedded after the break.

source: YouTube via Wowhead

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They RESURRECTED one of their executive producers ?
Holy crap that’s hardcore. I mean, weren’t you a little freaked out by that?

Kickstarter Donor

With witch doctors and necromancers? I think that’s pretty par for the course.