E3 2021: EVE Online talks up the launch of its EVE Academy website


EVE Online promised that it was going to talk about something during the PC Gaming Show portion of this year’s E3, and sure enough, it did. Specifically, CCP Games talked up the EVE Academy, which readers will recall was first spotlighted this past May.

Not too much has changed since the website’s first introduction: Interested players can follow through on lesson plans based around four different playstyle interests, along with links to additional resources, player-made guides, and ways for new arrivals to find a corp to join. Also like before, CCP Games promises to update the Academy’s four career path segments with more content over time. The bigger difference now is that there’s a sizzle reel. For a website.

source: press release

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Well seeing as they are already selling skill points or let you rent skill points im just waiting for them to do a Star citizen and sell you ships for real money hey want to buy a Titan for 599.99 or a Raven for 59.99.

Becuse ever sense pearl abyss took over it starts to become more and more like BDO where you can buy everything for real money if you wish.

Soon eve online will start selling you inventory space and Cargo expanders so you can carry more weight just like BDO does.

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Sean Barfoot

You’ve been able to buy ships with real money since Plex was introduced.


yeah I know but I mean straight up selling you 1 ship it self fully fitted for real money with out the need of plex you know like some mmo have done selling you weapons with stats.

Rob Hagaman

People like to blame Pearl Abyss for everything. PLEX was started before Pearl Abyss. The worst release in the game’s history? Before Pearl Abyss. MonocleGate? Before Pearl Abyss. I would say Pearl Abyss is the reason they are creating the website. You have to be an ass hat to think that you can have a proper in-game tutorial for a game like this. PLEXing a character, unlike in other games, won’t make you good enough to play that character. Plus, you could always buy characters off the forums.

Bypassing the time-skilling, unless you are a big alliance guy skilling your alt into a titan/super, will just make you nice padding for my zkill record. SO please, come test your theory.


any good game will have a good tutorial that gives you the basics and in eve you can have a tutorial that gives you both basic and a bit more in depth but it all boils down to watch cheaper good game design or slaping toghter a website in 30 min and call it a day. Saying you can make a good tutorial in game that´s PURE bullshit and you know it.

Yes I blame pearl abyss becuse I fucking played black desert for your and I know where there priorite are making people blow money on shit that should be in game only. Like selling you storage increase, selling you weight limit, Selling you some stuff to help up upgrade your weapon so you can become stronger faster, Selling you autoloot pets and 30-40 dollar skin and a costume that hides your name for pvp and selling you armors that gives you stat in cooking and alchemy

EVE online selling you 1.5 million Skill Points for 39.99 happen after pearl abyss got their hands on the game same with renting skills just to be able to try out things.

I never said buying 1.5 mill SP will make you a good player but the problem is just like loot boxes and other free to play game it´s their to milk people on money before they kill the game.

The only thing F2P mmo´s should have is Cosmetic items, premium membership that is not shit and worth it and if you can buy premium game time for in game cash that fine.

ESO,GW2 does it best when it comes to worth your money buy once and own it all and not restricting any content and then Premium just add some sugar to it all. It would not work with eve but honestly I rather see eve return to p2p and keep selling their skins. Bore they start selling fitted ships for real money.

And I can understand pearl abyss I mean here we buy a niche fucking mmo that has around 20-30k player at any given time will not make them 100s of millions. I mean if eve had 100k active paying players that paid 14.99 euro a month they would make 1 499 000 a month there is no money to be had in a low population mmo hell it´s barely even worth keeping it alive yet they do.

We can be glad it´s not gamigo that bought up eve for it would be dead by now.

Fun fact you can see on a mmo´s cash shop if the game is dying on it´s last legs becuse the company starts to desperately sell anything just to milk some more money of does last hard core players before killing the mmo. And eve have started to show that they try to sell more and more things just to pad out the low population.

And Im glad I left eve so I can have good memories of the game before it dies.


So they’ve finally given up on reworking the new player experience every year and instead created a website to try and school new players on their arcane EvE online user interface…

Yeah like everything else they do I’m sure that will do/go over really well. Casual MMO players love going to websites to learn how to play the basic game… Oh wait.

It’s pretty sad when they developers of an 18-year-old MMO can’t figure out how to design an in-game tutorial to teach players how to play the game.

Way to go CCP.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Have to admit that when I saw them on the schedule for the PC Gamer Show I had hopes of something more grand than their latest attempt to explain their 18 year old MMORPG to new players.

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EVE, since it shipped (I actually have a box copy) has been that game that I really WANT to like, but have never managed to get my head around.


It’s a very easy game to like from afar. Unfortunately every time I get into it, I get bored very quickly.

I’m hoping one day we get a game of similar scope, design and graphical fidelity but with no open PvP.