New World offers a brief explanation of Expeditions in newest video


Care to take a delve into the Expeditions of New World? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy the game’s latest video, which offers a look at how these instanced dungeons (by any other name) operate in the upcoming MMO.

The video lauds Expeditions as places where players can find unique foes to fight, puzzles to solve, and powerful items to loot. The preview is specific to one Expedition, the Lazarus Instrumentality, which is described as an expansive subterranean ruin full of ancient secrets and something that “stirs deep in the dungeon’s heart” (because there always is). The preview also calls out Expeditions as the game’s most challenging pieces of content, with a note that players should ensure they have plenty of potions, tinctures, coatings, and ammo before diving in as well as advising players to coordinate roles (aka the Holy Trinity) accordingly.

You can get your eyes full of this preview below, and make sure to check out our hands-on with a different Expedition, which Bree found to be fun enough that these encounters could become “a worthy rival to its closest cognate in ESO after all,” assuming the game’s “sloppy” and “chaotic” combat model gets smoothed out.

source: YouTube
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