SWG Legends begins Empire Day festivities, talks Bespin apartments and post-Bespin content


With Bespin already a month in the rear-view mirror, it’s patch day for Star Wars Galaxies Legends. The rogue server’s update on Monday kicks off the Independence Day-inspired celebrations of Empire Day and Remembrance Day, depending on whether you’re a Rebel or Imperial character; players can expect new badges and collections for the event. The team has also nerfed the Bespin entertainer grind, plainly to encourage entertainers to spread back out across the galaxy (and stop the flow of easy AFK currency). Also, this seems bad: “Orion Engines will no longer be installed upside down on X-Wings.” Come on, Rebels, get it together, it’s Remembrance Day.

The player dev team posted its intermittent community transmission this weekend as well, recapping the Bespin launch and addressing the Bespin apartments, which did not roll out with the rest of the patch.

“We promise you, they’re still on the way,” the devs write. “We can’t yet say how soon, but our development team is still actively working on the solution for a few of the speed bumps we’ve encountered along the way of finishing up the process. Our goal is to release our Bespin apartments when they’re 100% ready and we’ve solved all of the current problems as we see them. We’re aiming to ‘hopefully’ have them ready at some point soon after the Empire Day celebrations conclude, but stay tuned!”

And what about after that? Well, there’s a bit of tease for the next planet, Felucia, but the team says it’s “still a long ways off on even thinking about a release date.” The Jedi themepark, along with other projects backburnered during the Bespin push, is now back under development.

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