Swords of Legends Online offers up videos of its Ancestral Records gameplay

Let's effin go

Remember last week when Swords of Legends Online talked up its various gameplay modes in the Ancestral Records? Well, the good news is that you can check that out now in a quartet of new videos about the game. The first one is just about the Ancestral Record in general, but the other three show off some average play when either bounty hunting, exorcising ghosts, or digging up some buried treasure. All good things.

If watching these videos has you sitting there demanding to play now because you absolutely must have the game right now, well… you don’t need to say that out loud, friend, you’re talking to a computer monitor. Even if it can hear you it can’t help you. What can help you is that the game’s build will be available for play during the Steam Next Fest running from Wednesday, June 16th through Tuesday, June 22nd. Get in there and try it out for yourself!

Source: MMORPG.com, Steam
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