Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning previews new dungeon


Once in a while the MMORPG subreddit plays host to some exclusive and unique reveals for our genre – for instance, the devs of the Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning shared an exclusive preview of a new dungeon that’s coming to the server sometime soon.

The dungeon is known as Hunter’s Vale and video features fully in-game footage with gameplay testers. This new encounter promises “several mechanics that make it a unique one” to the game’s world and represents “a huge milestone” for the devs of the server. As the devs have explained it to us, the dungeon was live in the original game but has been retooled for relaunch in the emulator, complete with the original voice acting by Jarion Monroe.

The preview doesn’t offer up any release date for this new content, but you can whet your appetite for fan-crafted dungeon encounters in a long-dead game below. Update: The devs have let us know it’s coming Thursday!

source: Reddit. This article was amended after publication to clarify the provenance of the dungeon.

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Um…. Hunter’s veil was a post launch dungeon in retail. Are you sure they aren’t just reenabling it on return of reckoning?


This is accurate. It’s not a brand new dungeon created by RoR, just rebuilding the existing dungeon based off videos from live and adding a couple RoR twists.

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Jack Pipsam

They’re able to do more than latter-day Mythic was allowed to do when they officially ran it. I’m all here for these games forking off into their own thing.


That’s what SWG Legends and Turtle WoW are doing and I’m so glad servers like this exist. There are only so many times you can replay the same thing over and over, at one point it’s bound to become boring.


This is way cool. We need more of these rogue servers coming up with fresh fan content.

That said, do mobs still look the other way and just kind of move up to you like they’re a 2D cardboard cutout? That killed it for me last time I played.


Yep. That’s an engine issue and also one of the main reasons why i stopped playing. Everything seemed floaty and unpolished.