Character creation and name reservation for Aion Classic begins today

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Quickly! Get home and get ready for Aion Classic! There’s no time to explain why! Oh… wait, it turns out that’s actually our job, so we’ll take a little time to explain why. See, as previously covered the classic version will be arriving in the Americas on June 23rd, allowing players to experience the game as it was back when it launched and so on and so forth. You probably got all of that from the name Aion Classic. But as of today, you can actually take care of character creation and name reservation!

Of course, neither of these things is the same as actually playing the game; that will have to wait a bit longer. Still, if you have a name you absolutely must get or just love playing around with the character creator, your time is now. Go home from work! Break all traffic laws to ensure no one else gets your name! You’re allowed to do it, it’s perfectly legal.

Please note that after evaluation by our legal team we have been told that it is not legal to break traffic laws in order to reserve your name and is, in fact, explicitly illegal. That’s literally what laws mean.

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Bruno Brito

I’m downloading this and asking myself why.


Woo made my future Chanter on Siel Elyos!