DC Universe Online asks players to help it fight toxicity… by sending emails


Daybreak is apparently cracking down on toxicity in DC Universe Online. Senior Community Manager Mepps penned a letter to the community this week asking for help in cleaning up the chat.

“Ultimately, we want everyone in our community to treat everyone else with excellence,” Mepps writes. “Targeted harassment, hate speech, and inciting toxicity (as well as cheating and exploitation) are all things that we take seriously. These things do not belong in our community. We need your help.”

Here’s the catch: Daybreak is essentially asking the playerbase to skip sending in a support ticket in-game and literally send an email to support instead with details and links to supplementary materials you’ve hosted elsewhere. This is… well this sure is a method. One might wonder whether it’d be better to have an in-game way to lodge these sorts of complaints, but maybe it’ll also weed out the lighter offenses. At least Daybreak is doing something?


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The important thing is to be credibly PERCEIVED to be ‘doing something’. Whether that actually accomplishes anything (or whether what is being accomplished is actually an ethical/moral thing in the first place) is tertiary.

Just convince the seething angry crowd you’re with them long enough for them to move on and break someone else’s windows. (shrug)

Jon Wax

I remember the good old days of early retail when the smooth brained twerps figured out how to block the door to the main hubs.

I do miss the ability that let you turn into an ai for a while. That was actually fun. Throwing a bus through a crowd of players in front of the police station and dipping around the corner to stand innocuously in front of an ATM. Fun stuff.

Way less Nazis back then.


GW1 did this best.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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Kevin Smith

They basically want you to do the leg work for them. Notice the and links to supplementary materials you’ve hosted elsewhere. No thanks. Either have a way to do it in game itself and actually respond to the tickets or don’t. No one has time to tab out, take screen shots and upload them so they don’t have to do any work.

Castagere Shaikura

Good luck with that. This is what you get when a mmo is also on consoles. It’s really a shame because it’s a fun superhero game.


They shouldn’t be “weeding out” lighter cases. They should be *checking them anyway* because lots of people “don’t want to be a bother” and will only even click an in-game report button for the most extreme cases. “I mean, he’s calling himself Adolph_Hotler, and every other word he says rhymes with ‘yatzhee’ but maybe I’m just over reacting.”

Plus, I thought part of the point was that an in-game ticket included built in timestamps and such that made it *easier* to track down the offender. Sending in an out-of-game email automatically loses any chance at that. Plus just the “unclaimed warranty” effect, where most people aren’t going to bother because exiting the game to send an email *is* a bother. (Or typing it via phone, or whatever.) It’s at least an extra step, and even MORE extra steps for the whole “evidence that you as a player have hosted elsewhere.” Right, so I no only need to send a private email I have to go make an imgur account so that I can publicly host the screenshots of the in-game chat that the email can’t point straight at.

To me this sounds less like “help us do our job by doing our job for us” than it does “we don’t want to do our job, so we’re throwing as many barriers at it as we think we can get away with in one shot.

Coming soon: reports will have to be hand delivered to the Support Office. Which is an unmarked room in a basement with no stairs and no lightbulb, and a sign on the door at the top of the missing stairs saying ‘Beware of the leopard.’ The Support Office location is a protected secret, we’re not allowed to post it, but we promise any reports handed in will be taken *very seriously.*”

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Please do our jobs for us, so we don’t have to. Help us, to help you..helping us. lol