Dual Universe introduces hauling missions, the job board, and solo challenges in the Hermes update


Is your quanta purse feeling a little light these days in Dual Universe? Then get ready to rake in that space cheddar with the latest update to the game, which is opening up a bunch of new money-making opportunities. Ideally, anyway.

The new patch, subtitled Hermes, introduces the mission system Novaquark discussed back in January, with hauling missions posted either by players or NPCs that let space truckers bring goods from point A to point B. There’s also a job board that provides freeform contracts posted by fellow players to let other players perform services like fuel deliveries or security detail.

For those who would rather do a little solo gaming, the new patch has also introduced repeatable challenges that can be taken on outside of DU’s persistent universe. The notes laud this feature as a way for new players to get the feel of flying without risking an actual ship and for experienced players to earn a little extra space green. There are some other updates and fixes as well, all of which are outlined in the patch notes.


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Jacob Askenbom

I’m more excited for Starbase than this game, at this point.

Ardra Diva

Anyone playing this alpha or whatever it is? Initial reports were “this could be THE game” but then it seemed the fires cooled. Curious about the p2p rules on this one.

Vanquesse V

I played right as they “launched” at it was a mix of poor performance, bugs, server issues and poorly thought out game mechanics, with a sprinkle of 20 day waiting times for support.
I’m curious as to how it is now, but you have to sign up for at least 3 months of sub time and I’m not *that* curious.