Dungeons and Dragons Online is testing a revamp of the Epic Destinies system for one day only on PTS


The devs of Dungeons and Dragons Online haven’t even finished working on Update 50 yet, but they’re still looking ahead to a major feature of Update 51. Namely, a full revamp of the Epic Destinies system, which has arrived to the game’s Lamannia PTS in early preview form.

This preview will only include seven of the 12 Destinies in the game, but the adjustments will be significant indeed, including changes to the system’s core mechanics, a more refined design paradigm, and a variety of Feat changes along with changes to the aforementioned Destiny Trees.

This preview/testing event will be happening for only around one day, ending sometime in the late afternoon of the EDT time zone this Thursday, June 17th. During the test, there will be a dev event running between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. EDT, when members of the DDO team will be available to collect feedback and answer questions in real time.

After the test, players should expect things to be rather silent on the Epic Destinies revamp news front for a long while, as the update itself is “months away” and the devs will be putting their primary focus on Update 50. That said, they recognize that a revamp of this scale needs to be done right, thus this bit of early testing and feedback collection.

source: official forums, thanks to DDO Central for the tip!

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The overwhelming player response to the update 51 preview is negative. The changes not only level gate abilities players use from levels 20-30, effectively removing them from most DDO gameplay (much of the player base cycles through the levels over and over while others stay at cap), the proposed changes also restrict some popular core abilities to a limited number of builds, thereby introducing massive nerfs across many classes.

If these proposes aren’t massively changed, the player base is going to drop. I’ve rarely read so many, many negative reviews before and am truly shocked at the dev’s responses, which almost seem flippant and dismissive.


The impression is overall negative. The producer promised there won’t be a level gate from levels 20-30 but this is what has exactly happened. This seems to be nerfing of powers from levels 20-30 and then selling it back with the level cap expansion. Which is another topic players do not want – level cap increase.
The tone of the devs to players regarding these changes are very arrogant and outright insulting. They treat players with contempt and its as though we are doing a favour playing DDO.
All semblance of a D&D game (whatever little it had) is gone with this change and more and more looks like a generic Korean MMO. WOTC should look at these changes very carefully as most of them do not belong to D&D licence.
I hope this is dead on arrival but knowing SSG expect another test in Lamannia soon.

Ragged N Raw

The sheer amount of real-time pruning of negative posts today tells a story of a lot of unhappy campers and a group of Devs that seem to have missed the memo from their customers about changes to the EDs. It is always unfortunate to see a team of devs unable to back away from a mistake, or bad decision like this, but is more common in small studios like SSG that don’t have the luxury of enough manpower to backtrack. This is going to be a real problem for them.

Full disclosure, I’ve been a DDO player since 2006 and I prefer the low-level play. But I’m always watching the waters and when the producer suggested level gating the EDs over a year ago the outcry was loud and long, and SSG backed off the proposal. To log on to the preview server and see they are going to slip it in is disheartening to say the least. More importantly, the dishonest manner in which they are pursuing and moderating any forum feedback regarding revenue-generating tactic is sad, and will cause a lot of trouble for the small studio’s player base that has returned to the small pre-covid juiced numbers.

Sometimes changes have to be made and can’t be avoided, but the manner of this is very unwise and is compounded by some of the younger more socially inept Devs comments, and full-court push shut down dissent by the community moderator who has alienated the greater majority of the paying player base over the last 4 years.

MMO media needs to report on this honestly, and look out for the players who pay the bills that make this industry run. Now is not the time to throw softballs to the Developers, it is time for real reporting.


How did they not call that server PTSD&D)?

Jason Clearwater

The Lamannia preview is scheduled for about 48 hours. This was posted on Tuesday afternoon, June 15th “A special early preview of Update 51 is open! It is expected to remain open until sometime in the late afternoon (Eastern) of Thursday June 17th.”